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10 Survival Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Planning your dream wedding is not only exciting but extremely overwhelming.  Based upon the weddings we have had over the years at The Wilshire Grand Hotel, we have compiled our own list of wedding survival tips!

1) Trust your vendor. Allow them to do their work without micromanaging. This will allow you a more stress free experience overall.

2) Select a family owned business if you want a more personalized experience. You are working directly with the person that owns the business and will give you their 100%.

3) When selecting a budget know that you will exceed that budget about a few thousand dollars what you originally planned. Don’t overlook the small detail expense in planning a wedding.

4 Avoid buying extraneous wedding accessories that you know you will only wear once. Instead put the money towards your vendors like flowers, attendees, etc.

5) Allow your bridesmaids to select their own style dresses. They are honored to be a part of your wedding but have taken on a huge monetary responsibility. If the bridal party selects what they want, they will be more open to buying a dress that they actually like and will wear again.

6) Do the cute wedding email. Mr. & Mrs. to That way you can monitor all of the correspondence much easier.

7) Be Patient with your vendors. If your follow up doesn’t come right after you hit sent, remember that there are other clients. You too want your undivided attention as well. Allow the vendor to get back to you when they can.

8) Your wedding should reflect who you are. Don’t compare your weddings to friends or celebrities. It should be unique to who you are and where your budget is at the time.

9) Remember it’s a wedding of 2. Take into account your partner’s wants as crazy as it may seem.

10) Enjoy your engagement. You will have your disagreements but part of the process in your journey during marriage is knowing how to fight (disagree) and compromise.

Wedding Reception Venue in West Orange

When looking to plan your perfect wedding, make sure to look at our West Orange, New Jersey hotel.  The Wilshire Grand Hotel is dedicated to making your wedding reception memorable.